AmigaOS Software Projects

Below is a list of my most recent software projects.

Loudspeaker design tool to aid in designing and testing conventional loudspeakers.
Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ Demonstrations. I'm the official AmigaOS maintainer.
Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK. I'm the official AmigaOS maintainer.
Port of the Boost C++ libraries.
Advanced compiler cache system.
Changes Amiga icon tool types from the command line.
Creates Amiga icons from images from the command line.
Port of distcc the distributed compiler. Includes both the client and the server so AmigaOS systems can participate in distributed compiles.
Powerful cron-like scheduling commodity.
Quickly finds duplicate files on your HD.
This is an official release of the Expat XML library. I'm the official AmigaOS maintainer.
Port of GNU make with support for parallel compilation. Parallel compilation is required for using distcc.
Port of the GNU termcap library.
Simple line printer daemon.
Lua is a powerful embeddable programming language.
Connect AmigaOS with a Palm PDA.
PNG icon to Amiga icon converter.
System diagnostic tool which is designed to be system friendly and not leave the system in an indeterminate state
Port of a tool to decode MIME formatted messages.
Serial debug interceptor tool. This was a bug fix release to help Sashimi work better on AmigaOS 4.x.
C++ Standard Template Library implementation port.
Port of the GNU documentation system.
Port of the OpenSSH secure connectivity tools with some AmigaOS enhancements.
World War II board game clone of Axis & Allies