Here is a selected list of technical books on my bookshelf.
ISBN 9781594488849
A fresh look at what really motivates the modern knowledge worker and how to keep them happy.
ISBN 0321620704
A detailed look into lean software development and improving the system which produces software.
ISBN 1934356050
Sort of a self-help book on how to improve your thinking and learning but written in a language software professionals understand. A great read as well.
ISBN 9788590379843
This book is an absolute must for Lua programmers which touches on pretty much every aspect of Lua in some way.
ISBN 9780132350884
A surprising book on how to write clean code that touches on design as well as the hot topic of concurrency.
ISBN 9780316017923
Another great read from Mr. Gladwell with a focus on those we consider "outliers" in society. Those that are considered a success and therefore better than us in some personal attribute kind of way. Or are they?
ISBN 0321413091/9780321413093
Very insightful look into how coders actually implement software and the patterns that emerge.
ISBN 0316346624
An insightful glimpse into epidemics and how we might even be able to influence and control them.
ISBN 0596510047/9780596510046
This book had many ups and downs depending on the author and the particular subject in each chapter. Overall, it was a good book but it could have been better.
ISBN 1556154844
A wonderful book which summarizes what a coder should be doing.
ISBN 0321146530
More classic Beck but this time focused entirely on TDD and how to use it effectively. Very good book for programmers to ponder.
ISBN 0201633612
This is the original GoF book that started the software pattern movement. It is a bit dated these days but still necessary for providing a baseline.
ISBN 0201485672
This is really the book that started the refactoring revolution.
ISBN 0471081124
This is a very good book on software testing from three of the best software testing minds.
ISBN 0393052362
I found this book a bit slow but thorough. The author really does try to delve into the mathematical genius of Turing and why he is still often overlooked to this day.
ISBN 0201835959
This book is (sadly) still very applicable to today's software development world. A must read for all software professionals.
ISBN 0973854907
I think we all owned a Commodore 64 or at least knew somebody who did.
ISBN 0471736181
I quite enjoy Colwell's writing style and this is really a fascinating story as well.
ISBN 013143635X
I don't think you fully realize you are on a death march until you read this one.
ISBN 0932633439
A must read for anyone involved in serious software development.
ISBN 020161622X
The tips in this book will make you a better coder and designer.
ISBN 020173362
A different take on the software world but I found the book felt thin.
ISBN 0201546108
I credit this book with giving my the discipline necessary to improve my coding habits. It is a dry and strict view of software development but it also works.
ISBN 0321278658
This is the 2nd edition of this classic and I think it is much improved from the first edition. This was my first Kent Beck book and I've been a fan ever since.
ISBN 032115083
I've attended a couple of seminars by Mary & Tom and they always have something interesting to talk about. This book is focused on the lean software development movement and how to apply it.
ISBN 0135974445
I'm not a big fan of the title of this book but I am a huge fan of the content. Besides the usual agile stuff you'll find patterns and case studies on how to use them. Some great advice on design as well. Like I said, I don't know why it has that title but it does.
ISBN 0130676349
I loved this little book on Scrum from the guys that started it all. It seems Scrum has become the agile software methodology these days as well.
ISBN 0201699699
This is a good explanation of the entire agile movement really.
ISBN 0201760439
This book is a broad stroke covering Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development Method, Crystal Methods, Feature-Driven Development, Lean Development, Extreme Programming and Adaptive Software Development.
ISBN 0321117425
In the end I found this book disappointing but I still keep it around for reference.
ISBN 0471202827
Not a bad book but not a great book either. There is some good advice on how to do modeling in the "new" world of agile but not a lot more.
ISBN 0201432935
A great companion piece to the original GoF book.
ISBN 0201379406
Short and concise summary of a notational language used with UML. I'm not sure if the OCL is still a part of the latest incarnation of UML or not but I still find this little language useful in design.
ISBN 0201895358
This little gem is a nice explanation of how to really use CRC cards in practice. Generally you don't need a book to explain CRC cards but I still enjoyed it.